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Come on down and say hi to our country music audience worldwide and radio stations online. If you have a country music song ready for release to radio ask for promotion costs. We are also highlighting various country music singers across the website and would love to consider your act for a feature. Artistes are available for bookings worldwide and we welcome all enquiries. Contact us.

Alan Fullard ‘Out Of Nowhere’ – it’s made for airplay.”

Dolly In Bluegrass Slideshow Promotion with Lottie and Allen

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@BelleJarRecords Feb 22, 22:36

Their long list of previous clients includes global giants #Versace, #Microsoft, #HSBC and #Virgin

@BelleJarRecords Feb 22, 22:25

The band recorded their first single, I Want (Doesn’t Get), in August 2015. It propelled them to number 1

@BelleJarRecords Feb 22, 19:14

As played on Country Breakfast Bundaberg Community Music Radio 96.3fm #Australia

@BelleJarRecords Feb 09, 13:47

Hillcrest Music Canada keeps Dolly up to date with monthly selections of latest country music songs for radio promo

@BelleJarRecords Feb 09, 13:41

If you’re thinking of releasing a new track to country music radio stations worldwide why not give Hotdisc a try?

@BelleJarRecords Feb 09, 13:29

Throughout Don Allen’s career he has performed on numerous TV shows in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

@BelleJarRecords Feb 09, 13:26

When Someone Goes Away’ was included in a musical tribute to late George Jones on Lyon Premiere 90.2 FM in France

@BelleJarRecords Feb 05, 21:30

Check out What I'm Looking For by #BonitaMercer from the album You'll Be The One via @BelleJarRecords

@BelleJarRecords Feb 05, 21:00

Female #Saxophonist#Ibiza Style. Pre-mixed staged #DJ show available via @SpotOnEventsDirect

@BelleJarRecords Feb 05, 20:56

Check out Find My Love by #CleliaAdams from album Bring It On. Be first to review this item via @BelleJarRecords

@BelleJarRecords Jan 26, 19:19

Going back in time Addy Oldman sings his original song 'Roxanne' accompanied by Fil Hill via @BookEntertainer

@BelleJarRecords Jan 24, 14:01

Their #linedance favourites guarantee to liven up any #party. Listen to #LottieandAllen via @BelleJarRecords

@BelleJarRecords Jan 24, 13:57

#WendySnider was always a part of musical family who listened to #Christian and #ClassicCountry. via@BelleJarRecords

@BelleJarRecords Jan 24, 13:48

#LaineyWest is based in the #Manchester area. Check out #Mixcloud songs via @BelleJarRecords

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